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Things you should know, Before using your Logo on Social Media

Every time someone visits your social media pages, it should be crystal clear who the owner is (you!). The best way you can make that happen without fail is to design a logo and add it to social media. Your logo is your calling card, the face of your company, and the icon that people will associate with your brand. If designed well, it will help create trust, credibility, and authority. If it’s not quite up to scratch, then you’re going to seriously hurt your brand image. Your logo also plays an extensive part in helping to establish brand awareness – how familiar customers are with your product or services. If you want to strengthen your presence on social media, whether on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, including your logo allows your brand to spread further across the web. Every time someone shares your content, your logo will reach the eyes of a new audience, which helps your branding efforts—not to mention increasing the engagement of your content, which can help you g
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UX vs UI: The Difference User Experience vs User Interface

The world of web design is replete with acronyms, many of which have similar or overlapping meanings. Two of the most prominent ones are UX and UI. Standing for user experience and user interface, respectively, these two words help shape the design constructs that define every website and app on the internet. Yet, what do they mean, exactly? More importantly, which one should you prioritize in your own web development efforts? Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at the answers to these questions. Read on to learn everything you need to know about UX vs UI from their definitions to their profitability. The Difference User Experience vs User Interface What Does UI Mean? The “UI” in UI design means “user interface.” It encompasses all of the interactive elements that make up the graphical layout of a digital product or service. It sounds oversimplified, but the reality is that applications and websites don’t create themselves. Behind every interaction, visualization,

Website Freelancer vs Agency, Which one Best for Development Work?

Because of sudden rise in the digital marketing domain, many business companies and enterprises are making e-commerce and mobile marketing a top priority. Thus, job opportunities for the web developers are increasing constantly from last some years and so is the requirement of the professional Website design companies. Nonetheless, as you might already know, more choices and opportunities you have, more challenging this becomes to select one among all of them. Before you settle for the freelance Website developer, you must consider weighing advantages and disadvantages of working with the freelancer versus developing agency. In that way, you will select the right person or agency for building your WP website. Website Freelancer vs Agency, Which one Best for Development Work But, still it has got its own benefits and drawbacks that make them the right option for a few people and worst for others. Thus, if you wish to know a little more about aspects of freelancer and agenc

Color ideology should we follow during Web Design

Behavioral ideology has this sub-field called color ideology, and it studies the associations between colors and human emotions, attitudes, and values. For web designers ideology of colors For web designers, having a bit of understanding of the ideology of color in web design is something they can use in their work. After all, knowing how people respond to certain colors can go a long way in advancing the goals, motives, or agenda of a client who commissioned them to create their websites. They would be able to use the right color that best represents their client, or elicits the type of response the client is going for. A very common color that web designers—and all marketers in general—use in their work is red. According to color ideology, red is really good not only at catching the attention of people but also at creating a sense of urgency. It isn’t surprising then that marketing materials, including websites, turn red when they’re announcing a sale with huge discounts tha

SEO Tips to Convert Your Leads into Customers

Search Engine Optimization is a useful practice that helps us to maximize the website’s organic traffic reach. However, the methods used to improve SEO can sometimes be at odds with our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategy.  Fortunately, most modern SEO methods are fully compatible with CRO, in fact, some SEO methods can actually make it easier to convert your leads into customers. This article will cover some of the SEO methods that will make your website convert like crazy. Page Load Time Page load time is a very important metric for both SEO and conversion. Slow page loading will significantly impact your SEO, and the customers hate it too. When the page takes too long to load, customers are very likely to abandon it. Page load time plays a vital role in the overall user experience of the website. Search engines like Google heavily punish slow load times which is why it’s important to work on this. Google approximates a 3 second load time before the visitors get annoye